Selling Your Property in Nashville, TN ? How to Create Irresistible Real Estate Listings

Selling Your Property in Nashville, TN ? How to Create Irresistible Real Estate Listings

From the growing population to the shrinking mortgage rates, 2024 is a great time for sellers to put their Nashville homes on the market. If you've been sitting on a property and waiting for the real estate market to stabilize, the time is finally ripe for a sale.

With a stabilizing market can come a sudden rise in inventory. In other words, you aren't the only seller ready to take advantage of eager buyers.

To stay competitive, you need a real estate listing that stands out. Read on to learn how we create irresistible real estate listings.

Know Your Market

Home prices in Nashville are still riding the pandemic-fueled increases we saw in 2020 and 2021. However, your asking price shouldn't be too high over your home's market value.

It's also useful to consider who you're selling to. How you price and market a luxury home is going to differ from a more modest single-family or town home.

Go Professional With Photography

First impressions are everything in real estate. A snappy real estate listing headline will attract interested buyers, but high-quality photography will keep their attention.

Make sure to clean, declutter, and depersonalize before taking photos. If it's in your budget, hire a professional that can catch your home from great angles in the right lighting. While great photos can boost your listing, recent studies show that more expensive 3D tours only have a small impact.

List Basic and Unique Amenities

Always think of the buyer's perspective when crafting your real estate marketing materials. Buyers are looking at everything from price to square footage to amenities. Basic amenities include things like:

  • A garage or carport
  • The type and age of flooring
  • Air cooling and heating
  • The type and age of appliances

If your home also has unique amenities, make sure to showcase those as well. Maybe you've invested in excellent landscaping or an outdoor kitchen. Whatever it may be, unique amenities make your property stand out.

Share Neighborhood Highlights

Buyers care just as much about location as they do about the property. Because Nashville and surrounding areas are growing, you're going to encounter buyers who aren't from the area and don't know much about the neighborhoods.

Even a few key details about your neighborhood can help buyers make a fast and informed choice. Don't hesitate to talk about your great school district or the walkable farmer's market. While talk of the town shouldn't take up the bulk of your real estate listing description, a few highlights can make a huge difference.

Call PMI Middle TN for Great Real Estate Listings

2024 is looking up for Nashville home sellers, and we expect to see a ton of homes hitting the market this year. These tips can make real estate listings stand out and attract eager buyers faster.

Not sure where to get started with your home sale? PMI Middle TN is a full-service real estate asset management company with experience on all sides of the spectrum, from buying and selling to investing and renting. Get your free home valuation and find out how we can support your journey as a seller.